Froebel Gifts: The First Educational Toys

Froebel Blocks educational toyWhen Friedrich Froebel created Kindergarten, the first system for educating young children, he also created the first series of educational toys. Froebel used play as the main activity for his school and Spielgabe (play gifts) were the lessons. Gifts 2-6 (“the Building Gifts”) are block sets in various shapes and quantities that are presented as a whole in cube form.

Often called Froebel Blocks, they were made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, and influenced Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein and  the Bauhaus artists. The blocks allow children to explore pattern, form, symmetry, arthimetic, while developing spatial literacy. Perhaps the world’s most cost-effective educational toys, the Gifts are used by children ages 3 to adult, in home schools, classrooms, or on any table.


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