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Froebel Gifts: The First Educational Toys

When Friedrich Froebel created Kindergarten, the first system for educating young children, he also created the first series of educational toys. Froebel used play as the main activity for his school and Spielgabe (play gifts) were the lessons. Gifts 2-6 … Continue reading

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Fraction Blocks Mathematical Puzzle Toy

A simple puzzle and a set of wood building blocks, Fraction Blocks encourage creativity when children build with the shapes and promote problem solving when they return the shapes to the correct location on the board. This educational, fun and … Continue reading

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Skwish Tensegrity Preschool Math Toy

Skwish is a postmodern take on the classic rattle and winner of numerous awards for its ingeniously simple design. Wooden rods are attached with an elastic string, providing hours of entertainment while developing logical reasoning, fine motor skill, eye-hand coordination, … Continue reading

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